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Love it!

I havent touched my iTunes since I downloaded this app!

Amazon music

Love the music and the different stations and channels.

So close

I really want to like this app, but the fact that it forgets your playback position and has no bookmarking feature makes it a drag to use with any of Amazons longer content.

Newest edition is glitchy!

Hey guys at Amazon, things are good mostly with the app. The app loaded a huge library and worked quickly and well; now I am finding however that the app crashes literally every time I use it, finally sends you an error email, and subsequently crashes again. Ive not been able to use the iPhone app for almost 3 weeks. Hopefully you can fix it soon! There is no other way to listen to good music.

Changed me life

What a difference after using pandora and I heart! I love the options.

Great App

I really like the radio station feature.

Wish there was more

My husband and I received Amazon prime as a gift for one year, but unless there are some changes made, we wont be keeping it once it runs out. We listen to a lot of Latin music, specifically Salsa and old Salsa, and these stations and songs are very limited. Then there are artists that you cannot choose as a station. Right now we prefer Pandora over Amazon, but hopefully it will improve over time.

Love This App

Takes my music from all platforms and puts it in one place for easy listening! A+


Very good! Love the versatility and breadth of music.


Nice bonus that comes along with prime membership.

Nice. More songs awaited

Its nice to meet good old songs again here and also try new tunes. Not everything but quite a lot of songs are covered. Surely this is especially valuable for Amazon Prime members. Interface and functions have some room to be refined for managing playlists, quick "undo"s and smooth transitions in a mixtape. Five stars

Great App!

Awesome music selection that changes and updates on this app, and the feature to download songs to your device to play in offline mode is great! Through the app you can even make playlists and listen to Prime music alongside your iTunes library. Fun and easy to use app with a lot to offer Prime members. If you dont have Prime however, paying for Spotify is your best option

Great app

Like it a lot. Very easy to use and great selection

Good, not great, yet...

Weve been pandora subscribers for about 8 years, and our "stations" and lists are really nice. Amazon Music is getting better about playlists and stations, and we are gradually moving to this completely. I wish Denon and others would embrace it like apple car play, pandora, Spotify etc.


Just an amazing app, almost all the music that I like existing in here! Really enjoying it everyday! But will super awesome if they could Russian music too

Love it

Tons of music to choose from. I have play list for school, home and children.

Love Amazon Music/player needs a fix

I absolutely love Amazon Music. The playlist that they suggest based on your music preferences are just awesome! My problem is with the music player itself. The music art doesnt work well with control center and the lock screen on my iPhone 6 Plus. It always gets stuck on the music art from the very first song that I play. Please fix this. Its terrible! THANKS FOR THE UPDATE!!!!

Good alternative

I like the app, but it constantly starts loading and the muic stops playing. I have to close the app and open it again to get it working again. Other than that it is very good.

Unlimited easy access to music

One of my most used apps. Great subscription service. Worth the cost. Amazon prime is also a must have!

Amaze in music your way!

Get geared up to shape up your music library easier than apple! Im satisfied with my Amazon.

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