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Super Cool

Love the autorip feature from Amazon. Buying Vinyl and get my mp3 for the daily metro..

Amazon music

An excellent service. Well done.!


Works smoothly with the Mobil and meanwhile also with Sonos systems

Best of....

...was will man n mehr...!

BMW Integration is a Desaster

- screen locks if connected to the BMW car - Radio function is not selectable from the car menu - "pause" function is missing in the car

Clean, lean, and clear

...and thats how it should be

Nice. More songs awaited

Its nice to meet good old songs again here and also try new tunes. Not everything but quite a lot of songs are covered. Surely this is especially valuable for Amazon Prime members. Interface and functions have some room to be refined for managing playlists, quick "undo"s and smooth transitions in a mixtape. Five stars

Useful if you still like the old CDs

I am used to buy CDs thanks to Amazon "autorip" function you can then have most of your offline library on Amazon , good service

Disappointed. A lot to improve compre to competition


Amazon Music

Best sh!$? ever!

Lockscreen Access Issue Fixed!

Thanks for fixing the lock screen display issue.

Amazon music

Love this app. Great selections. No commercials

Best music app ever

This undeniably the best music app... They every music I ever wanted. And the lyrics which come with them makes it a walking karaoke. Great job Amazon...

The best ever!!!

I love listening to all of my music on this app! Its convenient and easy to use. I would recommend this app to anyone who has an Amazon Prime Account.


Been using the app for a year or more. Works great for me both on wifi or over the air.

Amazon music

Its all 5 star great!


Everything that Amazon does, they excel at. Great services and my favorite company in the world..

Amazon Music

First rate music mix. Luv this app. Used Google music but prefer this

Great Site

This is a very user friendly site & a great way to listen to music or to create playlists of your favorite songs. My only criticism is that Amazon does not allow you to cut a CD from the playlists you create.


Amazon Prime Music is my go to for music. I love the options and hearing artists Ive not heard of in the past. Unlike Pandora, you can listen to your artist of choice without having a mixed station.

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